How To Check Mobile Display Is Original or Not

How To Check Mobile Display Is Original or Not?

Picture this: You’ve just snagged a fantastic deal on what seems to be the latest smartphone model. The joy is short-lived when you start to doubt the authenticity of the display. Is it genuine or a clever imitation? Fear not, dear tech sleuths, because we’re about to embark on a journey of detection that will leave no doubts in your mind. 

To determine the authenticity of a mobile display, you can perform a series of checks. Start by examining the manufacturer’s logo, ensuring it’s clear and correctly placed. Assess color and brightness consistency, noting any irregularities. Test touch sensitivity and responsiveness, verifying if it reacts promptly. Utilize a magnifying glass to inspect pixel arrangement and screen patterns – genuine displays showcase uniformity. Gently flex the display to assess distortion; originals should maintain integrity. Verify packaging details and compare with official images. Finally, seek professional repair services from trusted sources. With these steps, you’ll be equipped to confidently distinguish between original and counterfeit mobile displays. If you are still not confident enough to recognize the difference, keep reading the article. 

A Guide To Spot An Original Mobile Display Like a Pro!

In this ultimate guide by the experts of cell phone repair Repair Shack, we’ll unravel the secrets to distinguishing an original mobile display from its counterfeit counterparts. So Get ready to be armed with knowledge as we explore the easy-peasy ways to check the display’s authenticity, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in the mobile game!

The Authenticity Check

  • Logo and Branding: Start your investigation by examining the manufacturer’s logo and branding on the display. Counterfeit displays might have slight variations or blurry logos, while originals boast clear and precisely placed insignia.
  • Color and Brightness: The devil’s in the details, and that includes color and brightness consistency. Original displays offer vibrant and uniform colors, while knock-offs may exhibit disparities in color tones or brightness levels.
  • Touch Sensitivity and Responsiveness: The touchy subject of touch sensitivity is a surefire way to gauge authenticity. Authentic displays respond promptly to touch, while fakes might lag or exhibit irregular touch behavior.

The Magnification Technique

  • Microscopic Scrutiny: Equip yourself with a magnifying glass or your smartphone’s macro mode. Examine the pixels closely – originals display a uniform pixel arrangement, while counterfeits may show irregular patterns or pixelation.
  • Screen Patterns: Peek through the magnifier to scrutinize the screen patterns. Authentic displays boast seamless patterns, while counterfeit ones might reveal tiny dots or patterns.

The Flex Test

  • Flex Your Muscles: Gently flex the display by applying slight pressure to check mobile screen damage. An original display should exhibit minimal to no distortion, maintaining its integrity. A fake might ripple or show signs of stress.
  • Screen Flexibility: Roll the dice by gently bending the screen. An authentic display retains its shape, while a knock-off might wrinkle or crease due to lower build quality.

The Brightness Challenge

  • Brightness Variability: Adjust your display’s brightness settings to test the range. An authentic display smoothly transitions through brightness levels, while a counterfeit might flicker or struggle with changes.
  • Viewing Angles: Experiment with different viewing angles. Authentic displays maintain consistent colors and brightness, while imitations might show distortion or diminished quality.

Professional Opinion

  • Expert Verification: When in doubt, seek the opinion of a trusted professional. Skilled technicians possess the experience and tools to accurately assess the authenticity of your mobile display. 

At Repair Shack, we offer affordable and quick phone repair services. We have skilled technicians who make use of original components in the replacement process to ensure quality repair service. 


Congratulations, tech Sherlock! Armed with these foolproof techniques, you’re now a certified pro at identifying an original mobile display. Repair Shack salutes your vigilance in ensuring you’re always equipped to make the right tech choices. With this knowledge in your pocket, you’re well-prepared to outsmart any display counterfeiters that may come your way!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information. 

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