How To Check Mobile Screen Damage

How To Check Mobile Screen Damage?

Imagine this: you’re engrossed in a video call with a friend, scrolling through social media, or reading an important email when you notice something amiss on your mobile screen. It could be a subtle mark, an unusual blemish, or a blatant crack. Your trusted companion seems to be concealing a secret. Welcome to the world of mobile screen damage detection, a realm where you become the Sherlock Holmes of smartphone screens. 

To check for mobile screen damage, start by ensuring your screen is clean and well-lit. Smudges and fingerprints can sometimes be mistaken for damage. Next, run your fingernail gently over the screen to detect scratches. For cracks, visually inspect the screen for visible fractures and check if touch responsiveness is affected. To identify dead pixels, view a plain white image for black spots and solid-colored images to spot stuck pixels displaying incorrect colors. These DIY techniques help uncover various types of screen issues accurately without requiring professional cell phone repair services.

Guide To Diagnose Mobile Screen Damage

In this captivating journey of discovery, brought to you by Repair Shack, we’ll arm you with the skills to uncover and diagnose screen issues like a seasoned detective. With this easy-to-understand guide, you’ll be equipped to solve the mysteries lurking behind your mobile device’s screen.

The Enigma of Smudges and Fingerprints

The Suspect

Sometimes, what appears to be screen damage is merely a smudge or fingerprint. Before jumping to conclusions, ensure your screen is clean, and then gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth. If the mark vanishes without a trace, you’ve successfully cracked the case of the phantom smudge!

Screen Magnification

Use the zoom function on your phone’s camera to magnify the suspected area. This can reveal minute details that may be hard to see with the naked eye, helping you confirm whether it’s a smudge or something more serious.

Alternative Lighting 

Examine your screen under various lighting conditions. A change in lighting, such as using a flashlight, natural sunlight, or dim room lighting, can highlight different aspects of screen imperfections. However, in case of inconsistent colors when viewing the screen through different angles, you might want to check mobile display is original or not

Navigating the Labyrinth of Scratches

Tools of the Trade

To detect scratches effectively, you’ll need good lighting. Position your device under a bright light source and ensure the screen is free from smudges and dirt.

The Fingernail Test

With clean hands, carefully run your fingernails over the suspected area. If you encounter a snag or a discernible bump, chances are it’s a scratch.

Screen Reflection

Tilt your device at different angles while closely inspecting the screen. If you notice thin, hairline-like marks, especially in well-lit conditions, you might be dealing with minor scratches.

The Conundrum of Cracks

Visual Examination

Begin your investigation by visually inspecting your screen for any visible cracks. Cracks often radiate from the point of impact and can vary in size and shape. 

The Touch Test

If your screen responds inconsistently or inaccurately to touch, especially around a specific area, it could be an indicator of an underlying crack affecting the device’s touchscreen functionality.

Glass Separation

In more severe cases of screen damage, you might notice the glass layer physically separating from the display beneath it. This creates visible gaps along the edges and is a clear indication of a cracked screen.

The Riddle of Dead Pixels

Pixel Check

Detecting dead pixels is relatively straightforward. Open a plain white image on your screen and carefully examine it for tiny black dots. Dead pixels, often unlit, appear as small black spots amidst the white background.

Color Test

To identify stuck pixels, switch to solid-colored images (red, green, blue, etc.). Stuck pixels display the incorrect color compared to the surrounding pixels, making them noticeable.

If you are still not sure about the screen damage, you may get it inspected professionally. You might want the experts to check LCD display is working or not (depending on the type of your mobile screen). At Repair Shack, our skilled technicians at Phone Repair Shop can carefully inspect your phone’s screen damage and suggest the most effective solution. 


Congratulations, intrepid detective of the digital realm! Armed with these practical techniques, you’re now well-prepared to unveil the mysteries of mobile screen damage. Repair Shack applauds your newfound tech-savvy prowess. Whether it’s a smudge, scratch, crack, or the enigma of dead pixels, you’re equipped to identify and address screen issues with the precision of a true screen detective. Stay vigilant, and may your screens remain immaculate and blemish-free!

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